Because our pets’ life spans are so much shorter than ours, most pet owners will have to face the loss of a pet. Additionally, many pet owners will have to make the decision of whether or when to euthanize a pet. It is a complicated and emotional decision which everyone copes with differently. We are here to answer any questions we can, but we know that you may prefer to read in depth about these issues or speak to someone in a more anonymous manner.

If you have questions about or are having difficulty with the impending loss of a pet or with a past loss, there are many resources available to you.

Below are links to just a few of the many websites that may be able to help you make decisions, learn how to discuss pet loss with children, or lead you to people with specialized training with whom you can talk about your loss and grief.

Counseling and Grief Support

  • Schoedinger Funeral Homes, serving Columbus and surrounding areas.
  • “Honoring the Bond”, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
    “The mission of the Honoring the Bond Program at The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is to actively participate in the multi-disciplinary team to provide an integrated service that recognizes and honors the human-animal bond.”